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About us

Our Mission

To make the rich tapestry of traditional Indian crafts and weaves more relevant, accessible and affordable.

Crafty Hands is a collaboration between two sisters Sandeep and Gunjeet, and we are crazy about all things ethnic. Sandeep has served a long and successful career in the garment industry and also moonlights as a Wedding Trousseau stylist. Gunjeet a hardcore techie has served a successful career in Software Development and quit her high-end corporate job to be a part of Crafty Hands.

 Our deep love for the traditional Indian art and craft forms combined with understanding of production procedures as well as fashion trends brought us together for this venture.

While travelling across the country, collecting local crafts we saw a great disconnect between the crafts artists and their customers. The level of awareness about different traditional crafts is very low amongst the masses and the crafts artists are not entirely tuned to the modern lifestyle and the products it needs.  Even though the customer is paying handsomely for the products, this remuneration is not always reaching the hard-working yet poor crafts artists.

This is where we come in - We use traditional Indian crafts and techniques and create affordable, high-quality products relevant for our urban users. 

We would love to hear from our customers about what they would like to see in our collections. Feel free to drop a line or simply say hello at - craftyhandsindia@gmail.com.



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