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Kutch Style Embroidered Handcrafted Toran (Door/ Doorway Hanging)

Kutch Style Embroidered Handcrafted Toran (Door/ Doorway Hanging)

Rs. 999.00

Torans, the beautiful door hangings that are also known as bandanwaars have special significance as decoration accessories. Historically Toran was the name given to a sacred or honorific gateway. Torans are used to decorate the entrance of a home and of individual rooms. They are considered symbols of a warm ‘welcome’ extended by the household to Goddess Lakshmi and to its guests.

They are also the perfect way to lend color and jazz to your doorways. Express your personality and the mood of the room by choosing the Toran that conveys the same.

Welcome your loved ones to your abode with this bright and colorful gypsy themed toran that will pep up your doorways. A must have for all the bright and sunny people out there...


Length -  39 inches

Color:Navy Blue Base with magenta and orange kutch-style embroidery with mirror work with multi colored check, green and fuchsia flaps,

Fabric: Dupion Silk

Accessories: Multi colored pom-pom lace, off-white kaudis

Care: Hand wash

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